Speech Connections

It's important to connect words, syllables, and sounds. Too many words and syllables that are not connected and that sound clipped or choppy make speech difficult to understand.

Linking, or connecting, sounds together is easier with two of the same consonant sounds.

  • Can you tell me where this bus_stops, please?
Linking, or connecting, sounds together is easier when a vowel sound is followed by a consonant sound.

  • We should go_now, or we'll miss the bus.
Linking, or connecting sounds together, is also facilitated by using either a quick y sound or a quick w sound to connect vowel sounds. Here are two examples of linking vowel sounds.

  • I'll see_ y_Andre next week. – A quick y sound helps connect “see” to “Andre”.
  • Can you_w_offer us something that's in our price range? – A quick w sound helps connect “you” to “offer”.