English Loanwords - Pronunciation and Vocabulary

At the request of one of my accent reduction clients, I compiled a list of English loanwords. These words are from other languages and are common in English. Most native speakers of English will be familiar with these words. Here's a link to the list:

Some non-native speakers of English might not know how to pronounce loanwords, and some non-native speakers of English might not know what they mean, which is why I label them as a topic for both pronunciation accent and vocabulary and expressions.

Mandy Egle of the Seattle Learning Academy features some of the loanwords on this list in a podcast at Pronuncian.

194: faux pas, chauffeur, fiance, and more

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Seattle Learning Academy's American English pronunciation podcast. My name is Mandy, and this is our 194th episode.

I was talking to my friend Steve from englishwithimpact.com last week and he was kind enough to share a list of loanwords...

Here are some of the loanwords on this list with the spelling from the International Phonetic Alphabet.

amateur /ˈæm ə ʧʊr/
bouquet /bu ˈkeɪ/ (or /boʊ ˈkeɪ/)
debris /də ˈbri/
debut /ˈdeɪb ju/
faux pas /ˌfoʊ ˈpɑ/
fiance /ˌfi ɑn ˈseɪ/
genre /ˈʒɑn rə/
liaison /li ˈeɪz ən/ *
motif /moʊ ˈtif/
resume /ˈrɛz ə meɪ/
sabotage /ˈsæb ə tɑʒ/
silhouette /ˌsɪl u ˈɛt/
venue /ˈvɛn ju/
encore /ˈɑn kɔr/
chauffeur /ʃoʊ ˈfɚ/

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What's the difference between "parmesan" and "parmagiano"?

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